Spencer County Historical Society
Where Abraham Lincoln Spent his Formative Years 1816 - 1830

Spencer County Public Library
210 Walnut Street
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Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, as needed, at the Rockport Library.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018, at 6:30 PM at the Rockport Library Genealogy Room.

Historical Events and Holidays

October 15, 1817 – Thomas Lincoln entered payments on Spencer County farm in Vincennes.

October 16, 2002 – William H. Natcher Bridge dedicated.

October 20, 1815 – Reuben Grigsby entered the first land in Clay Township.

October 21, 1815 – Clay Township settled by Reuben Grigsby.

October 21, 1879 – Miss Susan B. Anthony visits Rockport - Miss Anthony came to Rockport from Owensboro to deliver a lecture at Masonic Hall on giving the ballot to women.

October 21, 2002 – William H. Natcher Bridge opens to traffic.

October 24, 1872 – Eureka Post Office Established - Cleland Wood First Postmaster

October 29, 1877 – St. Bernard's Academy opens. - The charge was 75 cents per month and teachers were Benedictine nuns.

October 30, 1844 – Lincoln returns to Rockport as a Clay elector. - He gives a speech at the courthouse.

October 31, 1934 – George Honig's mural, Lincoln's Forest College, unveiled at Rockport High School. - The sculpture now hangs in Rockport Elementary.

October 31, Halloween

November 1, 1850 – Anderson River Post Office Established - Isaac Jennings First Postmaster

November 6, 1865 – First annual Spencer County Teacher Institute in Rockport. - It was held for five days on November 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

November 7, 1811 – Captain Spier Spencer killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe. - Spencer County was named after Captain Spencer.

November 7, 1839 – James Gentry, Jr. married Elizabeth Montgomery.

November 9, 1906 – Huffman Mill dam on Anderson Creek to be removed. - First water mill in Spencer County built around 1812. Visited by Abe Lincoln.

November 11, Veteran's Day

November 13, 1835 – County Seminary School built in Rockport. - This is not the 1867 Hosea Merithew Seminary School on Seminary Street.

2017 - 2018 Officers
President - Steve Sisley
Vice-President - Duane Walter
Secretary/Treasurer - Patricia Dawson
Contact - Raymond Dawson, rdawson@psci.net

Membership Dues

Membership is open to all and dues are $20.00 per year per person from August 1 to July 31. Membership may be taken out at any time. Mail your name, address, e-mail (not required) and research interest (if any) to:

Spencer County Historical Society
Spencer County Public Library
210 Walnut Street
Rockport, IN 47635-1398
Phone: 812-649-4866

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Web Site Mission Statement

The mission of the Spencer County History web site is to provide current information to our patrons concerning the operation of the Spencer County Historical Society and the history of the South Spencer County School Corporation.

The Spencer County History web page is a creation of Raymond and Patricia Dawson with technical help from their son. It has not been officially sanctioned by the Spencer County Historical Society. It is an attempt to provide information to the public about the Society and to make available our research on the schools in the southern half of the county.


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