Rockport High School

The following articles are related to the schools in Ohio Township.

A selection from History of the Academies of Indiana by John Hardin Thomas. Prepared as part of his requirements for Master of Arts, in the School of Education, Indiana University, 1914.

A copy of his thesis was obtained from IU in the fall of 2004. It would have been 90 years old at that time. Parts of the thesis that pertain to Rockport, Rome, and the Academies in general, have been copied and donated to the Genealogy Room, Spencer County Library, Rockport Branch by Raymond Dawson.

John Hardin Thomas died in Louisville, KY, January 11, 1957. His obituary was in the Rockport Journal, January 18, 1957. Funeral services were held at Boultinghouse Funeral Home. Burial was in Sunset Hill Cemetery.

Thomas, 78, taught at New Albany High School for 27 years and retired in 1951. He formerly taught in the Spencer County Schools and at Medora and Kokomo. He held A.B., B.S., M.A., and L.B. degrees from Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana.

He was a native of Rockport, Indiana. His wife was Mrs. Anne E. Stuteville Thomas.

A selection from History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana, Goodspeed, 1885.

This selection deals with the Rockport Academy, or Rockport Collegiate Institute. More information can be found in the Goodspeed book for sale at the Genealogy Room in the Rockport Public Library.

A New School Building, from The Rockport Journal, June 22, 1900

One to be erected on the East End of the College Lot.

This building became known as the Washington Building.

What the Beeches Saw, by Eugenie Strassell, Class of 1916, Rockport High School, Beech Leaves, 1916, with insert by Kate Milner Rabb, Class of 1882.

The Beech Leaves was the name of the Rockport High School yearbook from 1916 until 1949 when it was changed to Retrospect. The original name was selected because of the number of large beech trees growing on the school campus. After the name was changed, the school paper became known as the Beech Leaves. Some of the old beech trees are still growing on the site which is now the location of Rockport Elementary.

This article describes, in a literary style, the history of Rockport Collegiate Institute/Rockport High School. Eugenie was the Co-Literary Editor of the first yearbook in 1916.

According to the September 24, 1920, Rockport Democrat, Dale schools organized its first girls basketball team with Eugenia Strassell as coach.

History of Rockport-Ohio Township Schools, from February 11, 1955 Centennial Edition The Rockport Democrat. By Roy D. Bauman.

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Pushed Aside by Progress, from The Evansville Sunday Courier and Press, February 10, 1957. By Paul Dewig.

This article contains many humorous reminiscences of the students who attended Seminary School.

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Southern Red Oak at South Fifth and Seminary Streets 1958

Plans Made To Preserve Famous Rockport Tree, from February 28, 1958 The Rockport Journal.

Early Rockport Schools, from 1968 Rockport-Spencer County Sesquicentennial book. By Ellen Squier Brown.

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A selection from The New School - Pro and Con, from The Rockport Journal, December 16, 1960.

The construction of Rockport Ohio-Township Elementary School.

In 1971, six classrooms and restrooms were built on the southern end of the school. In 1986, five classrooms and restrooms were built on the northern end. In 2007-08, more classrooms and major renovations were made.

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An image from New Parochial School, from The Rockport Journal, March 10, 1961.

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From St. Bernard's Web Page, 2005: Saint Bernard Catholic School first opened its doors in 1877, as a boarding school operated by the Sisters of St. Benedict from Ferdinand, Indiana. It was a one room school with emphasis on English and German. Also offered were instruction in needle work and music.

Ohio Township P.T.A., from 1969 Founder's Day notes by Ellen Joyce Brown, Historian, 1969-70.

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Silver Dale School, from School folder in Genealogy Room, Rockport Library. By Mrs. Charles F. Addie Brown.

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On November 16, 2008, a re-dedication and open house was held after renovations of Rockport and Luce Elementary schools. Below are images of the Rockport Elementary programs given out at the ceremonies.

Original Rockport Elementary dedication program from November 18, 1962.
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Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Rockport Elementary re-dedication program from November 16, 2008.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4