Luce Township High School

The following articles are related to the schools in Luce Township.

Luce Township High School Marching Band Hat from 1942

It was speculated that this item might have been a prom favor or a freshman beanie. Most reports indicate it was a hat used by the marching band around 1942.

History of Luce Township Schools, from February 11, 1955 Centennial Edition The Rockport Democrat. By Mrs. Emma Yeager.

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A selection from Plans Made For Luce Township Grade School, from The Rockport Journal, February 24, 1961.

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In 2007-08, more classrooms and major renovations were made.

Short History of Schools in Southern Luce Township, from 1968 Rockport-Spencer County Sesquicentennial book. By Hazel and Joe Mattingly.

Read about The Hoodoo Wagons.

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On November 16, 2008, a re-dedication and open house was held after renovations of Rockport and Luce Elementary schools. Below are images of the Luce Elementary programs given out at the ceremonies.

Luce Elementary re-dedication program from November 16, 2008.
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