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         Instead of writing a history of South Spencer, we present a series of articles and web pages about the history of the school corporation. Every effort has been made to present accurate information concerning the past of South Spencer. However, anyone who conducts historical research will find many different interpretations of the facts. These articles are no different. They are presented as they were written in the past. For example, several articles state that Grandview High School burned in 1942. Actually, it was 1943. Other inaccuracies may exist. The reader can develop his own history by gleaning the articles.

Spencer County Schools, from The Rockport Journal, March 11, 1921, by David H. Morgan.

A history of the early schools in the county from the settlement of the state to the Civil War.

This interesting, first-person account describes teaching techniques, school houses, salaries, and names of the early teachers for all of Spencer County.

Typed as the article appeared in the newspaper.

Historical Survey of Education in South Spencer County (42 Page PDF) By Richard Hedrick, Administrative Assistant, South Spencer County School Corporation, 1990.

This report was written as a part of an overall assessment of the quality of the school's programs and the serviceability of the buildings and facilities.

The remaining articles have been organized by township. Click on the township to see the pertinent articles.

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