South Spencer County Alumni Association
Rockport, Grandview and Luce High Schools

The South Spencer County Alumni Association is made up of graduates from Rockport High School, Luce Township High School, Grandview High School, and South Spencer High School.

The purpose of the South Spencer County Alumni Association is to honor the 50 year graduates and to recognize the 60 and 70 year graduates.

The Annual Alumni Reunion is held the second Saturday in June at the Spencer County Youth and Community Building on Highway 70 just south of Chrisney, Indiana.

Brief History

The first diploma awarded by the Rockport Collegiate Institute was in 1868 to Bettie Veatch and Maggie Sabin. Veatch's diploma is in the school corporation office.

Dr. Kate Snyder Busse, Class of 1879, is believed to be the first Rockport High School graduate. Another Snyder, Robert, was in the last class to graduate from RHS in 1965.

On July 13, 1943, a fire destroyed Grandview High School. In the Spring of 1944, Grandview merged with Rockport and graduated together.

The last class to graduate Rockport High School was the Spring of 1965. In the fall of 1965, Luce and Rockport merged together to create South Spencer High School. They were the first class to graduate from S.S.H.S. in the Spring of 1966.

According to records that were found, the South Spencer Alumni was formed in 1922, and in 1997 it celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The Washington Building was located on the corner of Walnut and Sixth Streets of the Rockport High School Campus. We are in search of any photos of the building. Some pictures have been found in yearbooks that show the building in the background. If anyone has a photo of it, please contact Raymond Dawson. We are also interested in photos of Silverdale and South Central Schools.