Tuesday, August 7, 2007.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM with eight members present.

The newsreporter read the report of the last meeting.

The president read a thank you note from Kris Manley on being selected as Historian of the Year.

The treasurer's report was given. There were several bills that needed to be paid.

A motion was made and seconded to renew the subscription to the "Hoosier Heritage Magazine" for one year. Motion carried.

A motion was made and seconded to reimburse the president for the purchase of the "Mary Help of Christian Church, Mariah Hill, IN 150 years of Faith, Family, and Friendship, Sesquicentennial 1857 - 2007" book. Motion carried.

A motion was made and seconded to purchase the "Perry County Marriage Index 1921 - 1930". Motion carried.

A note was read from a former member who was donating the following book to the Genealogy Room - "The Underground Railroad" written by Col. William M. Cockrum, author of a "Pioneer History of Indiana" Oakland City, Indiana 1915. It was printed by the Press of J. W. Cockrum Printing Company, Oakland City, Indiana.

A member had checked on the availability of a book about Lincoln on the Internet which was discussed at the last meeting. A member was going to purchase a copy for his personal use and then the Society could decide if it wanted to purchase a copy for the Genealogy Room.

The president read a letter from a man writing a book about Abraham Lincoln for the Lincoln Bicentennial. He wanted permission to reprint a picture of Joseph Richardson from the book "The Missing Chapter in the Life of Abraham Lincoln". A motion was made and seconded to allow him to reprint the picture. Motion carried.

The president read a letter from the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana requesting a mid-year donation. The matter died for lack of a motion.

The president also read a letter telling that a new person had been hired for the Indiana Historical Society.

A member gave an update on several events that are to be held during the Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration:
1. The flatboat group made a trip to Sullivan, Indiana to check on the status of the flatboat. It was being repaired as it had had some damage on its last trip. It weighs 40,000 pounds and has modern equipment which has been skillfully hidden. They are working with Mulzer's for their help in getting the boat into the water at Grandview, Indiana probably in September of 2008. The flatboat will have to be pushed down the river because of its size. The flatboat will travel all the way to New Orleans. Governor Mitch Daniels is interested in riding on the flatboat for part of the way.
2. They are working with the Chamber of Commerce committee for a celebration that will be held in Rockport when the flatboat comes down the river. It will stop at the Rockport Landing and various tents will be set-up.
3. They still plan to have a period costume ball at the Courthouse in September 2008.
4. They are trying to get Mrs. Laura Bush to attend the Mothers' Day celebration in 2008.

The member also stated that the Lincoln Outdoor Theater would start again in 2009. The format is going to be completely revamped and the ticket price will also include a meal. It is going to be more of a drama instead of a musical.

The president read a letter from the Apple Fest committee. They asked if we wanted to have a booth again this year. The treasurer pointed out that the Society paid $12.50 for booth rental and did not sell any books. It was decided not to have a booth this year as most people were interested in eating and crafts at the Apple Fest.

The election of officers for the 2007-2008 year was mentioned. A motion was made and seconded that the same slate of officers continues with the exception of secretary. The treasurer would now also be the secretary. Motion carried.

The officers are:
President - Steve Sisley
Vice President - Duane Walter
Secretary - Patricia Dawson
Treasurer - Patricia Dawson
Newsreporter - Erma Purviance

Another member mentioned several items of interest.
1. The web site was now available for George Honig.
2. The Honig marker should be finished soon.
3. He mentioned that when they were doing renovation to Rockport Elementary this summer, the foundation of the old Rockport Collegiate Institute/Rockport High School was uncovered. Pictures and measurements were taken. In checking the dimensions in the " History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana 1885", the measurements matched the dimensions in the book.
4. The renovations also uncovered the foundation of the Washington Building which was at the corner of Sixth and Walnut. Pictures of both foundations were added to the History of the South Spencer County School Corporation web page under item number eight - A Timeline History of Rockport High School.
5. He mentioned that Jerry Hargis spoke about the importance of newspapers and how they chronicle a person's life. The machines that the Genealogy Room has for reading the microfilms are getting old and need to be replaced. He mentioned the Society giving some money and then asking The Spencer County Community Foundation and businesses for donations to purchase a new reader/printer for the Genealogy Room. A member is to do research and find out the cost of various machines. It would be a machine that the public could use and not have to depend on library personnel to find and print the article.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

There will be no meetings held in the months of September or October. The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 6:30 PM in the Genealogy Room.