Tuesday, August 3, 2004.

The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM with 13 members present.

The secretary read the minutes from the last meeting.

The treasurer's report was given.

There was more discussion about the Historical Society possibly helping to place a plaque near the Transportation Building in Lincoln Pioneer Village, which was specifically built for the movie "The Kentuckian". We decided to have some of the local people that were in the movie attend the next meeting to discuss the type of plaque.

A committee met on July 27, 2004 to revise the Society's By-laws. After going through the revisions, it was decided to drop one sentence under Article VI, Section 2 about those not paying dues by the September meeting would be dropped from the membership roll. Since there were no further changes, a vote was taken on accepting the revisions. This was the first vote on accepting the new by-laws and it passed this reading. They will be voted on again at the next meeting.

There was a note from the Tell City Library that they would like to have copies of the "History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana 1885" in their library to sell. It was discussed that they could buy the books from us at a 10% discount and then sell them for $60.00, the price at which we sell them. There was a motion made and seconded to do this.

The president contacted the person in charge of grants and to see if it would be possible for us to get a grant. He was told to check with the Spencer County Foundation and the Alliance for Indiana to see what was available.

A request from the librarian to purchase a CD of the Johann Funeral Home Registers 1896 - 1901 was read. A motion was made and seconded to purchase the CD. It was voted to do this.

A request from the librarian to purchase a copy of the Tell City Anzeiger Obituaries 1870 - 1904, a two-volume set with translations from German, was read. A motion was made and seconded to purchase the set. It was voted to do this.

There was a discussion about "Heritage Park" at Fulda. This was a park that has a monument dedicated to the Revolutionary War Soldiers of Spencer County. It needs to be cleaned up. We need to talk to the D. A. R. as they were behind getting the monument when it was dedicated in 1976. It was decided that this was a project that needed to be done when the weather turns cooler and the vegetation has died.

It was brought up that the Fair Association was going to have organizations paint pots (toilets) to raffle off to raise money for the Fair. Also mentioned were the Grandview Fall Festival and the possibility of having a booth.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 7, 2004 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.