Huffman Mill Bridge

Huffman Mill Bridge 1864-65

William T. Washer was contracted with Spencer & Perry Counties, July 1864 to build a 148 foot yellow poplar Burr Arch-Truss Bridge. (Patented by Theodore Burr 1771-1822). Contract payment called for Ten Thousand Dollars in "Lawful money of the United States." Bridge located north of an early ford on Buffalo Trace leading from Rome to Vincennes, IN. Lumber for bridge was sawed at John Harrison Huffman's saw mill. Water saw mill located 120 yards, up Anderson River, on the west bank.

A community developed with Huffman gristmill, sawmill, general store, and later church, school, physician, blacksmith, carpenter, Post Office est. in 1883.

James Hale ran last steam mill here, making spokes for automobile wheels for Henry Ford in great numbers.

Dam used for water mill removed in 1912. Covered Bridge traffic discontinued in 2004.

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May, 2012

Huffman Mill

Pioneer George Huffman

Pioneer settler George Huffman (1784-1854) Lancaster Co. Penn. came to Indiana Territory by 1804. In circa 1812 Huffman settled in Spencer County, purchasing land from the U. S. Government in 1815. George constructed an early grist mill in circa 1816. The Mill was attended from miles away, including the Lincoln family, Abraham making trips on horseback. Later with son, John Harrison Huffman, (1812-1887) they added a combination water grist mill and 'sash' saw mill which did large business. They operated a store, farmed, flat boated lumber, corn mill, flour & goods south, accumulated over 1100 acres straddling Anderson River. The Huffman's donated property for nearby (in Spencer Co.) frame school 1861, cemetery and Christian Church 1858.

The Huffman's burnt bricks, cut windows, doors and porch pillars for two story homestead in 1844. Standing west of Anderson River, south of road, Spencer Co.

John Harrison Huffman's sons John R. (also a miller) & George W. served in the Civil War, George was killed at Vicksburg.