The information below was taken from local newspapers and documents found at the Spencer County Library in Rockport, Boultinghouse Funeral Home, and Courthouse records. It is listed in chronological order.


September 19, 1903

Lucille Allegra Richards was born September 19, 1903 in Luce Township. Her father was Robert W. Richards, Jr., a 34 year old farmer. Her mother was Maude M. Rhoades Richards who was 28 years old.


October 8, 1911
1911 Richards Family Reunion

This Richards Reunion photo was taken October 8, 1911.
Lucille was eight years old and is the smaller of the two girls standing at the left.


1917 Seventh Grade Class Photo

This photo is by Hodges and is the 1917 Seventh Grade.
It is believed to be in front of the Seminary School. Note the snow.
Lucille is not identified in this picture.


1917 Seventh Grade Class List

This is the 1917 Seventh Grade Class List that accompanied the above photo.


1917 Rockport High School Looking East.  Note the Washington Building in the Background.

This 1917 snowy photo of Rockport High School was taken looking east.
Note the Washington Building in the background.


May 20, 1921

Rockport Journal, "Exercises for Commencement Week" (edited)
The exercises of the week will begin with the baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Bennett at the Methodist Church May 22. The class play will be given Monday and Tuesday. Thursday night the Junior class will entertain the Senior class in the Washington Building. Graduation on Friday night in the auditorium at which twenty-five graduates will receive their diplomas. Prin. J. O. Chewning will deliver the address. Lucille Richards is listed as one of the graduates.


September 23, 1921

Rockport Journal, "Local Notes"
Miss Lucille Richards left Thursday evening for Evanston, near Chicago, Ill. She has entered Northwestern University and will take a course in expression and in music. She was accompanied by her father, R. W. Richards Jr.



Northwestern University Archives E-mail, 2004
Lucille Allegra Richards is listed in the 1923 Northwestern University commencement program as the recipient of a Diploma in Speech. Her name appears in the 1924 commencement program as the recipient of a Post Graduate Diploma in Speech. At the School of Speech senior recital of June 8, 1923 she performed J. Barrie's "Quality Street," Act I. For her post-graduate recital of June 6, 1924 she presented A. A. Milne's comedy, "Belinda".

Photo from Northwestern University  Yearbook, Syllabus

This image is from 1924 Syllabus, the Northwestern University Yearbook.
She was a member of Omega Tau Sorority.


August 28, 1925

Rockport Journal, "Local News"
The following Spencer County students were enrolled in the summer term of Indiana State Normal: Aner Ayde, Newtonville; Edith Brothers, Rockport; Ruth Hicks, Gentryville; Paul Miller, Rockport; Lucille Richards, Rockport; and Edith Strassell, Rockport.


September 4, 1925

Rockport Journal, "Rockport Teachers" (edited)
Dramatic Art, Lucille Richards. (This would be her first year teaching at Rockport High School -ed.)


June 18, 1926

Rockport Journal, "Spencer County Students at Evansville College" (edited)
Twelve Rockport teachers are among the twenty-six from Spencer County who are enrolled in Evansville College for the summer session. Among them was Lucille A. Richards from Rockport.


August 27, 1926

Rockport Journal, "The Pageant" (edited)
The cast for the pageant, "When Lincoln Went Flatboating From Rockport", has been selected. Over one hundred and seventy-five people will portray the historic scenes.

Miss Lucille Richards will assist Mrs. Ehrmann in staging the symbolic scenes and in the prelude will represent the sun and give a beautiful solo dance. The dancers who represent this period will be under the direction of Miss Richards. The 25 cents admission will be used for the improvement of Rockyside Park.


December 17, 1926

Rockport Journal, "Program" (edited)
of Community Meeting to be given at the court house on Sunday evening, Dec. 19, at 8:00.
This is part of the program:
Processional - "Holy, Holy, Holy"
Chorus - "I Love to Tell the Story"
Reading - "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" - Mrs. Ehrmann
Reading - Miss Lucille Richards


April 27, 1928

Rockport Journal, "Historic Society Meets" (edited)
Plans for Lincoln Memorial Services at Lincoln City were discussed and an outline of the Lincoln Pageant for July 4 was given. There will be 160 persons in the cast and 255 in the chorus. The pageant will be in 10 short episodes of Lincoln's life.

Mrs. Ehrmann will be assisted in the direction of the piece by Miss Lucille Richards.


May 11, 1928

Rockport Journal, "Rockport School Notes" (edited)
The grade school presented a May Day Pageant at the high school auditorium Wednesday evening. Miss Lucille Richards had charge of the program, which was greatly enjoyed by the patrons.


June 8, and July 6, 1928

Rockport Journal, "Crowned With Success Was the Pageant When Lincoln Went Flatboating From Rockport in 1828" (edited)
Two hundred water nymphs, 30 woodland nymphs, 6 gift maidens, the Spirit of the Ohio, Miss Lucille Richards, Spirit of the Forest will make up some of the 255 actors in the introduction alone.

Different shades of light from electric lights were thrown upon the scene. George Honig helped design the lighting for this production that had 2,000 witness each of the two performances.


September 28, 1928

Rockport Journal, "Rockport School Notes" (edited)
The State Board of Education has required that all commissioned high schools offer a course in Public Health and Physical Training.

The high school is planning on issuing a student newspaper every two weeks. The paper will be known as the Beech Leaves.

At a general assembly last week, a very interesting and instructive program was given by the Latin department under the direction of Miss Mayers and Miss Richards.


December 28, 1928

Rockport Journal, "A GREAT SUCCESS Pageant, The Holy Nativity, Put On Under the Auspices of The Ladies' Musicale Was Pleasing to All" (edited)
A sacred Christmas pageant put on under the direction of The Ladies' Musicale at the high school auditorium was pronounced one of the best of its kind ever given here.

It was given in costume with Mrs. C. D. Ehrmann and Miss Lucille Richards reading the principal parts.

Biblical characters were represented as follows: Prophecy, Mrs. C. D. Ehrmann; Fulfillment, Miss Lucille Richards. (Many others were listed for the nine scenes and the chorus had 40 singers -ed.)


July 11, 1930

Rockport Journal, "Largest Crowd of People Ever Known visits Rockport for Staging of Lincoln Pageant" (edited)
Last Friday saw more people in the business district of Rockport than have been seen at any other time. The pageant, at both performances, was well attended and praise from those present could be heard on every hand. The Historical society is thankful for the generous way in which the papers of the state have given publicity.

Mrs. Bess Ehrmann and Miss Lucille Richards, her assistant, are both to be complimented upon the beauty of the entire production.


June 28, 1935

Rockport Journal, "Full Program for July Fourth Ready" (edited)
The Lincoln Pioneer Village is to be dedicated on July 4th at 10 AM. Bess V. Ehrmann, President of Spencer County Historical Society, will preside over the dedicatory program. Teachers in the Rockport schools are to act as official guides.

The escort of honor, consisting of young women led by the girls' drum corps of Dale, will escort the speakers to the platform, led by Miss Lucille Richards and Mrs. Elsie Riggle.


December 17, 1935

D.A.R. Membership Application, "Accepted for Membership in Daughters of the American Revolution"
Lucille Richards was accepted into the D.A.R. through the lineage on her mother's side. She traced her line back to Captain Henry Rhoades who was born in Germany and died in Kentucky. He received a land grant for 700 acres for government services in the Revolutionary War.


May 1, 1936

Rockport Journal and Rockport Democrat, "Noted People Visit Pioneer Village, Summer Festival Scheduled to Start June 28" (edited)
The Lincoln Country Summer Festival will open Sunday with a religious service at the Old Pigeon Baptist Church in the Village. The Spencer County Historical Society, City Park Board, and Chamber of Commerce are sponsors this year.

The Lincoln play, written by Miss Alice Hebert of Evansville, will be produced on the night of July 3 at the high school gym under the direction of Mrs. Bess Ehrmann and Miss Lucille Richards.


June 12, 1936

Rockport Journal, "Pageant Will Start Summer Festival" (edited)
One of the outstanding programs of the Lincoln Country Summer Festival will be a one act play representing an episode of Lincoln's life in Indiana. It was written by Miss Alice Hebert, granddaughter of John Chewning, Sr., and is called "Lincoln's First Great Sorrow."

Mrs. C. D. Ehrmann and Miss Lucille Richards are co-chairmen of this performance.


June 19, 1936

Rockport Democrat, "Big Parade for Morning of 4th" (edited)
The July 4th celebration will include a parade, church service in the Village, a tour of all historic sites in the county, a picnic, and a play in the high school auditorium.

Mrs. Charles Feigel, Misses Lucille Richard and Edith Brother are chairmen of ushers for the play, and bureau information for the Fourth of July.


July 4, 1936

The Evansville Courier and Journal, "Expect Thousands at Program Today in Rockport Park" (edited)
Tribute will be paid to the boy Lincoln in Rockport today, when four new buildings constructed by WPA workers in the Lincoln Pioneer Village are to be dedicated. This will climax the Summer Festival which opened last Sunday.

The program, as arranged for the day, will open at 9 o'clock this morning with a "children's hour". In charge will be Miss Lucille Richards, Miss Essie Williams, Miss Ethel Lawburg, and Charles Fay.


1939 Yearbook Photo

Photo from 1939 Rockport High School Yearbook


1947 Yearbook Photo

Photo from 1947 Rockport High School Yearbook


1954 Yearbook Photo

Photo from 1954 Rockport High School Yearbook

Among the classes Miss Richards taught over the years were:
         Physical Education,
         and Physical Culture.

The "Rockport School Notes" from the October 23, 1925 issue of the Rockport Journal had this information about a physical training class which is believed to be Physical Culture.

A physical training class is being offered to all girls in the Junior and Senior high school. As well as a healthy mind, we must have a healthy body. Often we are judged by our walk and talk, therefore we hope to encourage not only the use of good English but the proper carriage of our bodies.



Tri-Kappa Information "Lucille Richards a Charter Member" (edited)
Lucille Richards was a charter member of the Rockport Tri-Kappa organization. The chapter was started in 1963.

Evelyn Ayer, Virginia Richards, and Lucille were a few of the members who took painting lessons from the monks at St. Meinrad.

She did paintings for the Tri-Kappa bazaars. Among her subjects were flowers and the Lincoln Pioneer Village.

Painting of Jones Store by Lucille Richards

This oil painting, by Miss Lucille Richards, hangs in the South Spencer Middle School library.
It is dated December 19, 1972 and depicts the Jones Store in the Lincoln Pioneer Village.
It was donated to the school by the Associate Chapter of Tri-Kappa.


March 25, 1966

Rockport Journal, "Meet Your Teachers" (edited)
Miss Lucille Richards teaches Language Arts at South Spencer High School. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and Indiana Central College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and has accumulated 5 years of training. She has 40 years of teaching experience. Miss Richards is a native of Rockport and presently resides at 207 N. Third Street in Rockport. Favorite hobbies are painting and handicraft work.



Rockport - Spencer County Sesquicentennial Book, "Sponsors" (edited)
Miss Lucille A. Richards (representing the Robert W. Richards Jr. Family)


March 15, 1968

Rockport Journal, "Brown Appoints Committee Heads for Celebration" (edited)
Additional appointments to Sesquicentennial committees were announced this week by I. C. Brown, general chairman.

Lucille Richards will head the Spectacle Division. Members of her committee are Jenny Squier, scenario; Paul Rimstidt, properties; Fred Ayer, grounds; Sonia Dunker, cast; John Winchell, construction; and Betty Machin, costumes.


March 7, 1969

Rockport Journal, "Lil Abner Opens in Two Weeks" (edited)
Under the direction of Miss Richards and Mr. Lewis, the show has been in rehearsal for five weeks now.


1969 Yearbook Photo

Photo from 1969 Rockport High School Yearbook

Y-Teen is a branch of the Y. W. C. A. which is open to all high school girls. It helps girls to develop a better understanding of themselves and all of the objects around them. (From the 1969 South Spencer High School Yearbook) This was the year she retired from teaching.


May 12, 1977

Rockport Journal, "Miss Lucille Richards" (edited)
Miss Lucille Richards, former teacher, died Friday, May 6 (According to Boultinghouse Funeral Home records, her actual death was April 29 -ed) in Owensboro-Daviess County Hospital after suffering a stroke at her home in Rockport earlier in the day.

Miss Richards taught for 44 years in the Rockport schools. She was well known for her ability as a drama coach and director of spectaculars . . . such as pageants and outdoor productions. She was active in social affairs and served on many civic committees.

She attended school at Northwestern University, Indiana State University and Purdue University.

She was president of the Rockport Woman's club and was also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society for Women Educators, The Rockport Ladies' Musicale, Rockport Associate Chapter of Tri Kappa, Garnet Chapter OES, Spencer County Retired Teachers' Association, and Indiana State Teachers' Association. She was a member of Rockport Christian Church until the congregation was disbanded.

Her only survivors include a first cousin Mrs. Helen Trobaugh of Rockport, and other second and third cousins.

Services were at Boultinghouse Funeral Home with burial in Sunset Hill Cemetery.

Lucille Richards was fittingly buried near another prominent person from Rockport--Professor A. H. Kennedy.