Plans Made for Luce Township Grade School


A Selection from The Rockport Journal, February 24, 1961


A beautiful, modern Luce township consolidated grade school is to be built on Hwy. 66 near Kensington.† This completely new structure will combine the present Richland, Hatfield and Eureka grade schools into one new structure designed to provide the facilities for an excellent education for the entire townshipís grade school students.† It has long been recognized that the present facilities were lacking in certain respects and were expensive to maintain because of age, condition, and the fact that three separate units were involved.


The Luce School Township Corporation, composed of several residents concerned about education, has completed the work preliminary to sale of bonds and actual construction.† Many Luce township citizens have petitioned that this school be constructed and have expressed enthusiastic approval of the new school.† It is expected that this building will be ready for occupancy sometime during the 1961-62 school year.† It was pointed out that any delays occasioned by opposition would delay this construction.


The new school will house the first six grades, with the 7th and 8th grades attending Richland junior high school.† This is in accordance with the state superintendentís recommendation for 6-3-3 or 6-2-4 plans.† The township is presently financially able to construct the school for six grades, but does not have sufficient assessed valuation to make it economically feasible to construct a school for eight grades.


The new school will be located on a spacious 12 acre tract located in a central location with the township.† This is the first time in the history of Luce township that a central location has been selected.† It is also the first time that students have been provided with ample space for all needs.