The New School Pro and Con


A Selection from The Rockport Journal, December 16, 1960


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Proposed Building Described

This new Rockport-Ohio township elementary school is to be built at a site facing south Sixth street in the city of Rockport. The building will be built on land presently owned by the school corporation and on land to be acquired from Miss Bonnie Jones. The section of Seminary street between South Sixth street and Lincoln Avenue will be closed. One wing of the building will lay on the property to be acquired from Miss Jones, the other wing on property presently owned by the school. This site has been approved by the Indiana State Department of Public Instruction, the division of school house planning and the Indiana State Board of Health. Off the street loading and unloading will be provided for all school buses.


The building will consist of approximately 27,000 sq. feet of floor space. There will be 12 classrooms, offices for the principal, clerk, guidance and health services and book storage and library. An all purpose room 64 x 70 with stage and dressing facilities is to be included. A complete kitchen will be built adjacent to this all purpose room.


Citizens Group Asks Survey


A recently formed Citizens Committee on School Activities has formulated plans for surveying Ohio township and the city of Rockport as to whether or not the consolidation of South Central, Silverdale and Kennedy schools is the will of the people.


After a meeting with school officials on Dec. 5th it was the opinion of the committee that the citizens of Ohio township had not been entirely and properly informed of the proposed consolidation.


Item 1. Educators agree that in smaller classes pupils get more individual attention and time and thus learn more. Larger classes are less teachable. Ask any teacher.


Item 2. There are now three facilities for extracurricular activities. Three auditoriums for school plays, meeting places, and other student activities. If these schools are consolidated and classes become larger only a few of the students will be permitted to share a part in a play, sports activity, or even class discussion.


Item 3. Under the new plan the 7th and 8th grades will be housed with the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. This in the opinion of the committee is one of the worst features of the plan.


The committee as a group feels that it would be good judgment to delay any building program until the possibility of Federal aid can be explored.