Historic Calendar Artwork


Smithfield Baptist Church, by Teresa Schroeder, Teacher, South Spencer High School

Rockport - In the time of Civil War, 1865, a branch of the (Black) Rock Spring Baptist, (Daviess County, Ky.) crossed the Ohio River. Under Pastor Elder Dabney Jewel, Smithfield Baptist was set up in 1865. In 1869, a little frame church was built for $500. The current structure was built in 1875 for $2,400, and since has been expanded.


Shiloh Methodist Church, by Matt Small, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

Eureka Road, Ohio Township - Corp. Henry W. Wright was killed in the Battle of Shiloh, April, 1862. Prior to the battle, he requested his body be returned to a newly formed cemetery, called Kingsley. The cemetery name was then changed to Shiloh. Here, in 1872, Shiloh Church was built with bricks made of clay from the neighboring Barnett farm.


Trinity Gospel Tabernacle Church of the Nazarene, by Keve Bates, Grade 10, South Spencer High School

Grandview - Product of a 5-19-1963 merger of Trinity Gospel Tabernacle and Grandview Church of the Nazarene. In 1992, they bought the 1853 Lutheran Church House (at one time was the oldest Lutheran Church in the state still holding service in the same building). Endured 39 inches of flood water in 1937.


Dale Presbyterian Church, by Kim Brown, Teacher, Heritage Hills High School

Dale - Founded May 5, 181 in the home of William K. Jones, and older than the town itself. The current 1899 structure was built for $3,000. C. W. Medcalf was superintendent of construction, his son was the pastor. Remodeled 1977-78 for classrooms, offices, conference room and restrooms.


Rockport Trinity United Methodist Church, by Ryan Reid, Grade 10, South Spencer High School

Rockport - Organized January 1, 1822. Cornerstone was laid April 10, 1868, the first service was May 2, 1869. Construction was by Hosea and Arnold Merithew for $16,000. A yoke of oxen pulled the church bell from the old 1840 church house to the new church.


Saint Bernard's Catholic Church, by Mariah Atkinson, Grade 11, South Spencer High School

Rockport - Founded in 1848. June, 1876 the new brick building was dedicated replacing the previous church structure of 26 years. January 1, 1917, a destructive fire consumed the interior. The old walls were used as the church was rebuilt and rededicated in 1918.


Saint Meinrad Archabbey Church, by Tony Irwin, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

Saint Meinrad - Founded in 1853 and becoming the first Benedictine Monastery west of the Allegheny Mountains. A nearby quarry furnished limestone (1872-1874) for the Monistery buildings. Current church completed in 1904.


Little Pigeon Missionary Baptist Church, by Elana Neighbors, Grade 12, Heritage Hills High School

Clay Township - Organized in 1840 after splitting off of Old Primitive Baptist Church (in Lincoln State Park). Pigeon School used until first church erected in 1845, they built a second in 1872, and the current structure in 1893. Little Pigeon Cemetery established 1/14/1856.


Saint Peter's Evangelical and Reform Church, by Beth Krampe, Grade 12, Heritage Hills High School

Lamar (2.5 miles east) - Founded in 1861. The current church cornerstone was laid in 1901, and one hundred years later, Sunday School classrooms were added on the north side of the majestic structure.


Santa Claus United Methodist Church, by Brittany Detzer, Grade 12, Heritage Hills High School

Santa Claus - Started with prayer meetings in 1849. Shortly after a camp ground began operating with church until 1917. An 1859 frame church replaced a log church and current church foundation started in 1873. Dedicated in 1874 and basement added in 1899.


Fairview United Brethern Church, by Sasha Rohde, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

Highland Road, Hammond Township - Organized in 1854. In 1862-63 trustees Hiram J. Banks, Albert G. Dawson, and Charles Bence of Fairview U. B. C. purchased 2 acres and shortly after built a church in 1857.


Saint Boniface Catholic Church, by Jill Seckinger, Grade 12, Heritage Hills High School

Fulda - Founded by Father Joseph Kundek in 1847. Constructed in 1865-66, and dedicated June 5, 1866. Limestone was quarried west of Fulda for windows and steps, and a local brick factory and saw mill was used to produce the beautiful church. Listed on the National Historic Registry.