Historic Calendar Artwork


Gentryville High School (Original), by Chase Newton, Grade 11, South Spencer High School

Gentryville High School was built in 1878 for $2,200. A building project in 1895 added several classrooms. In 1902, the town of Gentryville incorporated and the school began charging tuition to out-of-town students. Enrollment began to dwindle after the change. The high school was certified in 1911 or 1912. This was the Old Gentryville High School. See other Gentryville High School below.


Clay Huff Grade School, by Mariah Atkinson, Grade 10, South Spencer High School

Clay-Huff Grade School was built in 1953 with eight classrooms. The Clay-Huff School Corp. was the first consolidated school system in Spencer County. In 1958, a renovation project added a gymnasium, a kitchen, shower facilities and two classrooms. In 1965, kindergarten was introduced at Clay-Huff, making it the first public kindergarten in north Spencer County. Clay-Huff ceased operation in May, 1993, with Nancy Hanks and Lincoln Trail elementary schools opening in the fall of 1994.


Grandview High School by Eldon Butcher, Teacher, South Spencer High School

The Grandview High School was built in 1867 for $4,000. The school was a six-room, three-story building. A renovation project in 1928 saw the addition of a gymnasium, a stage, curtains and bleachers. The school building burned in July 1943. The building was not replaced and most Grandview High School student attended Rockport High School.


Chrisney High School by Megan Reid, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

The original building was constructed in 1881 as a two-story, four room school. The school added a two-year high school program in 1893-1894. The school earned its commission in 1908. In 1911, the first class of seniors graduated from Chrisney High School. A renovation project in 1930 included new classrooms and a gymnasium. More additions were made in 1941. The school closed in 1972 with the opening of Heritage Hills High School.


Lincoln City School by Jarred Kelley, Grade 10, South Spencer High School

This school was built in 1903 near the original Abraham Lincoln's family home. The lincoln City School was used as a grade school until it was closed in 1933. At that time, the building was razed. A new one-story brick school was built to the northeast, just off the property of the park.


Luce Township High School by Matt Small, Grade 11, South Spencer High School

Luce Township High School was built in 1914 for $10,600 and named Richland High School. In 1919, Luce Township was the first school in the southern Indiana to offer vocational classes. A renovation project in 1935 included the addition of a gymnasium, four classrooms and a shop area. After the 1965 consolidation of Rockport and Luce Township high schools, this building was used as a middle school and renamed Robert Harris Junior High. The building ceased to be used for educational purposes in 1975.


Rockport High School by Sasha Rohde, Grade 11, South Spencer High School

Rockport High School was built between 1859 and 1863. This three-story building was originally 50 feet by 70 feet. The Rockport Collegiate Institute graduated ladies in full college courses and men were prepared for university classes. Because of $1,800 of debt, the college sold to the town of Rockport and became Rockport High School in 1873. The school continued to operate until 1956.


Hatfield Public School by Jamie Pate, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

This graded school was built on a contract of $8,044.25 and opened in August 1913. The basement contained boys and girls restrooms, laboratory and furnace room. This school operated until 1961 or 1962.


Seminary School by Chris Evrard, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

The Seminary School was built in 1867 for $4,400. Located at Fourth and Seminary Streets, this school was the first high school in Rockport. In 1873, the town of Rockport purchased the Rockport College Building and this school became a grade school until its closure in January of 1957.


Dale High School by Ashley Smith, Grade 11, South Spencer High School

Dale High School was built in 1908 to serve the town and surrounding areas as far away as Evanston and Lamar. Students from afar either had to commute via horse or stay in Dale during the week. In 1926, a renovation project added classrooms, a gymnasium, an assembly hall and toilet rooms. Another remodeling project in 1951 saw a new gymnasium built. The building ceased to provide education in 1972 when Heritage Hills High School was built. The building was razed in 1975.


Newtonville School by Greg Sitzman, Teacher, South Spencer High School

The Newtonville Grade School was built in 1873 for $1,000. Children in first through eighth grade were educated at this school. In 1915, Newtonville added a two-year high school program. The high school program was abandoned in 1919. This building was replaced with a new elementary school in 1956.


Gentryville High School School (After Addition) by Josh Allen, Grade 12, South Spencer High School

The Gentryville High School was built in 1878 for $2,200. In 1922, a renovation project saw the addition of three classrooms, an auditorium, a library, an office and a furnace room. The high school was discontinued in 1947, but continued with education of grades one through eight until 1967. At the time of the school's closure in 1969, students from kindergarten through sixth grade were attending the Gentryville school.